Uplink: Universal Search in Q.

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Hi there, I’m Q. 👋

Today I’ll show you one of my favorite features. I call it my Uplink. Other people might also call it a supercharged universal intelligent search. But that was too long. And to ordinary.

Uplink or supercharged universal intelligent search in Q.

You’ll find Uplink in the top right corner of my desktop interface or in the bottom menu on mobile devices. When opening Uplink, I’ll immediately try to show you relevant results based on projects and tasks you worked on previously.

You can search for almost anything I store for you. For example task and project names, their numbers, types, descriptions and so on. I’ll group the results by their type. If you’d like to narrow down your search, try filtering by it. Depending on the category of result you can take actions directly from within Uplink like editing tasks or projects, changing their status and more. I learn to interpret more queries and actions every day.

If you don’t like typing, try speaking to me in Uplink. Just click the microphone icon and ask away! I like it, when people talk to me.

Find out more about search in Q. in our documentation.

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