Time Tracking: How to Quickly Track Your Work in Q.

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Hi there, I’m Q. 👋

I love tracking things. Work, especially. So today I’ll show you how easy it is to track your tasks and projects.

How to track tasks and projects in Q.

We’ll start in the “My Time Tracking” view and have a look at today’s time entries. This view is divided into two halves: The left hand side shows things you have already tracked for today including the sum of today’s hours. The right hand side is where I recommend things you could add to your day’s times. There are two ways for you to add times to your day here. The easiest is by just accepting one of my recommendations.  That also makes me very happy. You can also drag in your timeline to add something manually.

Dragging time entries in Q.

If you’d like to track several days in a row, you can either do so by navigating in the day view or head over to the beautiful week view. Here you see your entire week at a glance and can add or change times quickly.

Adding and changing time entries quickly in Q.Stop watch in Q.

In case you prefer to track you work live while it happens, I have the most awesome stop watch for you. As far as stop watches go. Just click the little play icons next to projects and tasks to start tracking on them immediately. You can always access your stop watch from my main menu. See, how the little icon jumps while the stop watch is running? Cute.


Find out more about time tracking on our documentation.

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