Task Types: Manage different types of work in Q.

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Hi there, I’m Q. 👋

Today, I’ll walk you through the magical properties of task types and how they can help you manage different kinds of work. I already prepared a project and some lists for our demo. Now let’s add a task. As soon as you click or tab the ‘add task’ field, you’ll see the additional option to choose a task type.

How to add a task in Q.

We’ll now add two tasks with different types. At first glance, these look exactly the same. Interesting. However, you’ll notice, they have completely different status options available.

Status options for tasks in Q.

Also, you can group your tasks by their type instead of by list. This way, you can for example quickly identify all design tasks in a larger corporate identity project or all back-end related tasks in you latest software development endevour. Task types can also be used in Smart Lists to find tasks across all projects.

Let’s find out how to create and manage task types and head over to their settings page. Adding new task types is simple. Just click add type, choose a nice icon and give your new task type a name.

Due dates for tasks in Q.

Next, you should choose a workflow for your new task type. By clicking Edit Workflow, you can either choose from the list of existing statuses in your team or create new ones for this special task type. Every task type needs to have at least one status from the “to-do” category and one from the “done” category. Obviously.

Workflow for tasks in Q.

Find out more about task types in our documentation.

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