Task Bundles: Pre-Defining Lists and Tasks in Q.

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Hi there, I’m Q. 👋

I’d like to show you how task bundles can help you to create projects even faster. Let’s head over to the task section of this project I already set up for our demo.

Task bundles dashboard in Q.

Since this is a new project, there are no lists or tasks in it yet. You can either create a new list to start from scratch – or you can choose one of your pre-configured task bundles. Before deciding on one of the bundles, you can preview its lists and tasks, then add all of them with just a click.

preview lists and tasks, then add all of them with just a click

If you’d like to import another task bundle, you can always do that via the tasks’ context menu.

Import task bundles via tasks' context menu

In order to manage your task bundles and add new ones, head over to their settings page. Here you can view, edit and add as many task bundles as you like.
Add a task bundle to one or several project types

Let’s automate this even further! By clicking “Manage Project Types” from the task bundle’s context menu, you can add this bundle to one or several project types. Once you do, I’ll add this task bundle automatically to any project of this specific type. You can even tell me to add the bundle only once your project reaches a certain status. This is especially helpful for situations like quality gates or other regular to-dos that are a fixed part of your project process.

Remember. A bundle a day, keeps the deadlines at bay 👍


Find out more about Task Bundles in our documentation.

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