New Skill: Task Types for Private Tasks

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Hey there, I’m Q. – and I just learned a new skill ­čĺ¬

While it’s been possible to create different types of tasks in my projects to manage different kinds of work, this has sadly not been possible for your private tasks. That also meant: only the default stages of “to-do” and “done” for private tasks. But what if your task was neither new, nor finished?! That didn’t work out at all.

So starting today, your private tasks have the same flexibility. Just choose the correct type when adding tasks to your private lists. To learn more about Task Types and how to create your own, individual ones, read all about Task Types in my documentation.

While it’s a huge benefit to now be able to order your tasks by type, it’s even more helpful to create separate ‘workflows’ for your tasks. Instead of just using “to-do” and “done”, your product development tasks might instead go from “idea” to “concept” to “review” to “implementation”. All that is now possible.


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