Smarter Suggestions for Time Tracking

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Today is all about intelligent time tracking  suggestions in awork. The idea is very simple: during the day, awork memorises what you changed within projects and tasks and adjusts these according to your tracked hours. If awork notices that you may have forgotten your times, time entries will be suggested to you.

More specifically, awork currently recognises the following:

  • You have completed a task today, for which you have not entered any hours.
  • You changed the status of a task to “In Progress” today.
  • You worked on a project today (you commented, changed files, assigned a team, etc.).
  • Things you do regularly every day, over the course of several days (daily team meeting).
  • Things you do over the course of several weeks, on the same day each time (end-of-the-day beer on Fridays).

For these options, awork can also recognise the correct duration and display this as a suggestion to you in the “My Day” view, under “Today’s Time Tracking”, in the middle column (between the times that were already tracked and the dates from your integrated calendar). Just one click on the suggestion and your times will be entered.

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