Smart Notifications

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Have you ever heard of the smart notifications in awork? There is a whole array  of helpful notifications that remind you when a task due, a deadline is coming up, or that you have forgotten to track your hours.


Never again shall you lose track of a due task

Through the app and by email, awork informs you about any events that could be important to you. Is an important project coming up this week? Did a team member change the status of a project? Or is a colleague’s birthday just around the corner? To make sure you never miss a deadline again and are always up to date, awork also sends you messages via email or it will be pointed out to you on the app (the bell symbol).

Beyond that, awork also keeps you in the loop through your monthly and weekly reports. These reports show you a summary of how much time was tracked on a particular project or how many tasks were worked on within a certain amount of time. By the way: if you forget to track your hours, you will get a reminder 😉


You decide which notifications you receive – personal settings 

Some like to be informed about everything, others prefer just to see the most important emails in their inbox. That is why we let you decide which messages you want to receive and which ones you don’t. Personal settings can be changed on your profile page. 

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