Real-Time Updates, Social Logins and much more!

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We are happy to present to you the first update since awork’s launch. Instead of working on one, we have been working on an array of new features over the course of the last month. What these features are specifically, you will learn here. One thing is certain: with this update we aim to further improve cooperation in awork.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates: one of the features teams can no longer do without. When you and your colleagues work together on a project, you will see that project and task files are updated live – without having to refresh your browser. You might have already encountered this feature through collaborating with people using Google Drive. As of now, live updates are also a feature in awork! For example, you can now see a task being created or moved in the Kanban view, on your screen in real-time. Within a task, new comments will immediately appear. Give it a try – you will love it!

Social Login with Google

With the social login, you can create an awork account in a jiffy. If you have a Google account already, you generally won’t need to do much else. Your awork account is but a click away!

If you already have an awork account, you can also connect it to a Google account retroactively. The advantage is that you don’t need to memorise a second password 😉

File Preview

This feature speeds things up in awork even more, as you do not need to download a file first in order to see its contents. From now on, files will be previewed in the task. In the Kanban view, you can even see the preview file in the respective Kanban card.

Attachments in the Comments

The new features also include file attachments: with this update, you can attach a file to a comment quickly and easily. This makes team coordination even more efficient!

Changing the Project Type retroactively

Lately, we had been requested to add this feature and finally the day has come: it is now possible to alter project types in awork at a later point in time. The project type dictates the project status or task bundles, for example.

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