New: recurring tasks

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Every branch has tasks that need to completed on a regular basis. The monthly book keeping, the weekly inspection, or organizing the team’s breakfast are but a few examples within our own environment. To ensure you do not need to create a new task in awork every week, recurring tasks have been made available.

Groundhog Day

Recurring tasks are, as the name states, tasks that are generated automatically time and time again. You can turn a new or an existing task into a recurring one. For this, you go to the dots-symbol next to the task and click on recurring there.

From now on, you can convert any task into a recurring task.

Additionally, you can define in what way the task is to return. This means you can schedule a daily, a weekly, monthly, or even a yearly cycle. And since daily working life does not always allow for a perfect rotation, you can also stipulate your own specific rotations.

Do you need to prepare a meeting once every three weeks? Then just set up a task that comes back every three weeks!

Hold your horses! How can I make a recurring task stop?

Recurring tasks can be recognised in awork by their little icon: a rotation arrow. If you don’t want a task to reappear anymore in the future, you can stop the recurring task. For this, you once again head over to the dots-symbol next to the task and select recurring. To change the task back to normal, a simple click on the delete button will do. For more information, you can go to our help center.

You can stop a recurring task at any time.

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