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awork ms team integration
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Yeah! In addition to Slack, the direct Microsoft Teams integration is now available. MS Teams is used by many companies in order to communicate with one another and keep each other in the loop. To ensure that the MS Teams group can work just as productively as all the “Slackies”, awork has established a direct integration with this tool.

Quick team coordination

Our direct awork and MS Teams integration allows you to receive updates in Teams, whenever projects and tasks in awork are created, assigned, or commented on. You can hop from a Teams message to a project directly, in order to reply to comments or create new tasks within a project. Furthermore, time tracking directly from the Teams chat is now no problem at all.

Connect your awork account to MS Teams

To activate the MS Teams integration, you will need to choose a so-called connector in MS Teams once. For this purpose, select an MS Teams channel you would like to link and click on the (…)-symbol on the right of the channel name. Then click on connector. awork is now available as an app on the Microsoft Office App Store. You can simply search for awork and click on configure.

In the next step, you simply follow the instructions in order to connect an awork project with MS Teams. There is a list of activities that can all show up in the channel, if you so choose. For example, if a task has been commented on or someone has started time tracking, this information can be assigned to show up in the channel.

Good to know: you will know whether an awork project is connected to MS Teams, based on the respective day found in the project details.

Productive with MS Teams

With the @awork command, you can now easily, and at any time, start a new command from the MS Team Channel. A bunch of features will then immediately be suggested to you, which are possible thanks to the integration. For instance, if you create a new task within MS Teams, the task will also automatically be appear in awork.

Here are some functions you can perform through MS Teams directly:

  • Add a new task in awork.
  • Comment on a task or a project in awork.
  • Start time tracking in awork from an MS Teams channel.
  • Stop time tracking in awork from an MS Teams channel.

What is especially useful, is that you can reply to newly created tasks in MS Teams directly. You can either change the status, assign an editor, set a deadline or comment directly.

Would you like to tell your colleague Toby, who has just created a couple of new tasks in awork, something about a specific to-do? From now on, you no longer need to go back and forth between your MS Teams and awork windows, as it is now possible to hit the Comment-button and leave comments in the MS Teams chat directly.

Of course, you can find your comment in awork as well; in the respective project and under the right task.

Even more productive thanks to tabs in MS Teams

With tabs, you can access certain contents of a tool in MS Teams directly. In practical terms, this means you could display your entire awork Kanban board without leaving Teams, if you wanted to. Additionally, you can add a tab to a channel, private chat, or group chat. For this, just click on the +-symbol in the tab list on your channel, select awork, and follow the instructions.

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