New: invite guests into the awork workspace

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You’ll probably agree that things just work better together. We designed awork to simplify teamwork and make it more productive, after all. But what do you do when external users are involved in your projects? For exactly this type of situation, we have created a new licence and rights concept.

In order to collaborate with guests, we have defined a new role within our rights management.

Working with guests, e.g., partners, clients, or freelancers

To make sure you can invite external users into your awork, we have defined a now role: guests. Guests are isolated users, e.g., freelancers or clients, who only work on projects temporarily or simply need to be able to see what’s going on in one specific project. For awork’s rights management system, it means that guests can only see the project they themselves are working on. Guests can also only see their own working times. All other areas, e.g., other projects or time sums in the project lists, are invisible to guests.

Guests can only see the project they are working. The user receives permission to work on a project via the project role.

To ensure working together with guests is also financially attractive, guests fall into a different licence category. In other words, a guest access licence does not count as a normal user licence. Specifically, one user licence is equal to three guest licences. So, if you were to book a Premium plan for two users, it would mean you could work in awork as a normal user and invite three additional guests. The free plan does not make this distinction between users and guests. Guests, as well as users, are free within this plan.

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