New: Direct Slack Integration for Productive Teams

new Slack-Integration in awork
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Besides the new time evaluation, we have also been working on the integration of Slack in awork. Slack is a tool loved by many used to communicate with one another and keep each other up-to-date.

One thing is certain: our Slack integration will allow you and your team to work even more productively. This article will teach you how the feature works exactly and how you can connect awork to Slack.

Even better communication with the team

With the Slack integration, you can create tasks in awork directly from your Slack chat, leave comments or even start tracking working time on a specific task. So now you are able to start planning projects directly from the chat, meaning you don’t have to switch between tools anymore!

In the future, who exactly is working on what task, or what the current status of a task is, will be clearly documented in your awork, as well as on your Slack channel.

Connect your awork account with Slack

You have two options, in regard to activating the Slack integration. You can go for the classic route, in which you select Integrations from the main menu.

Or you can directly connect awork to Slack via the project view. To do this, select the dot symbol next to the respective project. Subsequently you can select the desired Slack channel and indicate which activity is to be operated via Slack.

Connect your awork account with Slack
Connect your awork account with Slack

In awork, you can specify which options should be available (only needs to be done once). How about e.g., assigning users, setting dates, updating a status or placing comments? You will also need to confirm who you are once in Slack.

Productive through Slack

Using the /-key in Slack, you can now start a new command easily and at any time. A bunch of features will then immediately be suggested to you, which are possible thanks to the integration. E.g., if you create a new task via Slack, the task will also automatically be created in awork.

Here are some of the functions you can directly start in Slack:

  • Add a new task in awork.
  • Connect your awork account to Slack.
  • Disconnect your awork account and Slack.
  • Comment on a task or a project in awork.
  • Connect a specific project in awork to Slack.
  • Remove the link to the project in awork.
  • Start tracking hours in awork via a Slack channel.
  • Stop the time tracker in awork via a Slack channel.
With the awork Slack integration, team communication is made even simpler
Respond to a newly created task in awork via your Slack channel directly

It is especially practical to be able to respond to newly created tasks in Slack directly. You can either change the status, set an editor, set a deadline or comment directly.

Do you want to tell your colleague Caroline, who just created three new tasks in awork, something about a specific to-do? With the Slack integration, you no longer need to go from Slack to awork. Instead you can just click on the comment button directly and write your comments there.

You can find your comment in Slack, as well as in awork – in the correct project, under the correct task.

The new Slack integration is especially cool for your team, since all project and task results are shown in Slack. Teamwork has never been so transparent!

Your team doesn’t work with Slack? Well, we just started developing a similar type of integration for Microsoft Teams. Take a look at our roadmap to get an overview of all planned awork features.

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