How to Create Recurring Tasks in awork

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Certain tasks regularly reappear and are just part of your working life: the monthly statement, organising weekly team meetings, updating the running Facebook campaign or the daily morning routine. Naturally, it would be practical to have these tasks be generated automatically at the desired interval, so they are not forgotten. Ideally, this would occur in the appropriate project and in the appropriate list in awork – where the rest of the project tasks are managed.

With the help of our Zapier integration, this has become very simple. Here’s how you can configure it, and have it generate monthly, weekly or daily tasks:

If you have not done so already, create a project in awork in which you want recurring tasks to be generated. If you want this task to be added to one or several lists, you will also need to create those lists.

Create Project in awork

Tip: currently it is not possible to turn private tasks without a project into recurring tasks. However, you can easily use a permanently running project for this.

When you have created your project, use one of the following links to create tasks that return on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis in awork:

If you haven’t created a free Zapier account yet, now is the time to do so. In addition to creating recurring tasks, it allows you to integrate a whole array of applications into awork.

While configuring your “Zaps”, you can choose exactly when you want the task to be created. However, the exact date depends on whether you want them created on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis, e.g.: the day of the month, the weekday, or a specific hour of the day.

After that, log in using your awork login details, so you can connect your awork workspace to Zapier.

Zapier awork OAuth login

Once you have been authorised as a user, you can prepare the details of your task, such as the title and description, due date, lists in the project, and of course who is responsible for it.

Zapier Awork Config

Lastly, you can give this Zap a name and turn it on. That’s it 🎉 Zapier will now automatically generate recurring tasks in awork.

Watch our video and read our article on what else you can do with awork and Zapier:

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