Even more Productive with Subtasks within Tasks!

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At awork, we are constantly innovating and from today you can get excited about a new feature: subtasks within tasks! What this means exactly and how you can develop an even more productive workflow with it, you will discover here.

On top of that, we have a few smaller updates for you, which we will tell you about at the end of this article 🍾

One task and several subtasks?

As you may know, in awork you can divide your project into several lists and manage tasks there. Sometimes such a task consists of several small tasks. These subtasks are too small to be their own task but are perhaps also too important not to show up somewhere. And it is exactly for this type of scenario that we have created the optimal solution: subtasks within tasks.

How do subtasks work in awork?

To add a subtask within a task in awork, you simply head over to the relevant task, type the name of the subtask in the “add subtask” field and press enter on your keyboard 🤓 Just like a classic checklist, you can tick off subtasks when they have been completed.

In real working situations, this is very practical. One the one hand, subtasks provide structure within complicated tasks and they give you a realistic overview of how much progress has actually been made. On the other hand, subtasks are also great for working on a task together.

More productive together with subtasks

Imagine this: you are working together with a copywriter and a graphic designer for the creation of an advertisement for Facebook. This task could in this case be divided into subtasks, such as: “develop ideas”, “draw art”, “write ad text”, and “adapt to advertisement”. Every subtask would then be worked on by a different team member. You can simply assign the task to yourselves, when you are done with your respective subtask – this way everybody knows what is still to be done and how much progress the others have made 💪🏻

But that’s not all!

Besides the subtasks, we have another few smaller improvements and awork features to show off:

  • Subtasks are now also available in task bundles, for example. I.e., you can now simply predefine and save subtasks that are typically meant for a specific project.
  • Time tracking reports now have a new filter. You can choose between “billable” and “non-billable”, with the yes and no options respectively.
  • We have improved performance throughout the entire app, so you can generate tasks, create projects, delete things, etc., even faster now.
  • Teams have gotten a new name in awork and are called “workspaces” from now on 😉

So, what’s next?

This blog article will give you an overview of our latest updates. Our blog and social-media platforms are the places to go for news about awork. If you want to ensure that you do not miss a single bit of important news, you should definitely subscribe to our newsletter 😉

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