Drag & Drop Files

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Today we would like to introduce you to a new awork feature: dragging & dropping files!

Generally, there are various ways to attach your own files to your tasks. You can use the classic method and simply click on “attachments” when creating or editing a new task. Et voila: now you can select files from the explorer and store them in the system.

However, the new awork upgrade is much nicer and significantly faster: You can now add files by  dragging and dropping. Just select the file you wish to attach to the task and drag the file into the assignment. And while the file is still uploading, you can attend to other things in awork. The file is uploaded in the background 😉

You can drop up to ten files at once. The files will then start uploading in the background.  But what do you do in the event that you uploaded the wrong or an incomplete file? No problem. You  can halt the uploading process at any time. A click on the x-button will do the trick.

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