Become even more productive: Connect awork to Zapier

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How many applications do you use in a day? What if we told you, you could connect all of these apps with one another? Using Zapier you can connect various cloud apps to complex workflows, which can save you a lot of time. Time that you could use for more important things. For instance, in awork you can send automized billing periods or automatically create projects and tasks.

Below, we have created an overview that can help you increase productivity using Zapier.

What exactly is Zapier?

In principle, you can connect over 1000 apps with awork using Zapier; without any programming skills! We have already created a few of our favourite Zaps (which is what they call these connections) for you. These templates make it even easier to be productive.

Of course, you can also create your own Zaps. Besides, it’s really easy! If you are interested, you can find a step-by-step Zapier integration guide here.

How does Zapier work and what am I supposed to do?

Zapier works in two ways: you can obtain information from awork (about tasks or time tracking) and use those bits of information in a different application. You can also use information from a different application and create tasks with it in awork, for example.

In just a few short steps, you can connect awork to Zapier. For this, you will need a Zapier account (the free version will do for now) and of course your awork account (once again, the free version will suffice for now). Subsequently, choose the two programmes you wish to connect with one another, and follow the steps to establish a new Zap. Don’t forget to test it afterwards.

What can be connected with one another? Got any suggestions?

To give you a little taste of what awork combined with Zapier can do, we have compiled a few of our own Zap suggestions.

awork and Google Calendar

What if new dates were added to your Google Calendar automatically, as soon as you create a task with a deadline in awork? Well, thanks to the “Google Calendar + awork” Zap, this dream is now a reality.

awork and Excel

Who likes the laborious act of manually copying data to Excel sheets, in order to analyse them there? With the awork + Google Sheets integration, new work time entries are automatically entered in a Google Sheets table, so you can sort and analyse your time entries from there. Super practical!

awork and WordPress

There is a new comment on your blog, but you have no time to read it right now; before you know it however, it has become completely forgotten about. With the WordPress + awork integration, that won’t happen again. Whenever a new comment appears, it is directly shown within the matching task in awork. It is even possible to assign this task to the staff member, who passionately manages comments in WordPress, directly.

awork and Emails

Support enquiries often come rolling in by email. To make sure these important enquiries are not forgotten, they can be set to automatically appear in awork. When you receive a new IMAP email, Zapier directly creates a new task in awork, with the help of its subject matter and contents.

Productivity is an Attitude!

Become productive with awork and Zapier – what are you waiting for? Register for free at Zapier and create Zaps that fit you and your tasks perfectly. There are so many possibilities! And remember: Productivity is an attitude 😉

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