awork News: New Features in October

New Feature in awork
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We have been working diligently (as we always do 🤓) and as such, we have developed a whole array of new awork features and improvements for you. In total, we are launching three new features and have a whole bunch of minor updates.

We have compiled all of the features and related information in this article.

Ready-made templates for your projects: public task packages

You have always had the opportunity to deposit your own task packages in your awork account and insert them into a project again and again if necessary. Especially for recurring projects, which mostly go through a similar process, task packages are super practical. You can save lists, as well as related tasks, including descriptions and subtasks, as task packages.

Since the task package is such a practical concept, we simply created a library of public task packages. You can load our awork task packages using your awork account directly. The pre-built task packages include subjects, such as content planning or the creation of advertisements on Facebook, just to name a few. You can also find templates for productivity methods in our new awork library.

In the next few weeks, our library will grow substantially. We have consulted our network of experts and are in the process of creating many more task packages for you. If you have a specific request for a project template or would like to implement a task package with us, we are more than happy to hear from you.

Use now in awork

Data import from Asana, Monday & Co. made easy

No matter what project management tool you used in the past, with our new data importer you can easily transfer all data to awork.

Whether it’s clients, projects or tasks – you won’t need to start from scratch. This does not require any developer know-how. The transfer takes place in three simple steps, which we have clearly summarised in this blog post.

The universal data importer in awork
With the universal data importer you can import data from many common tools into awork.

Archive lists

With this update, you can archive lists that you no longer need. In principle, the lists are simply hidden. Your data, such as the tasks with all the information and files contained in it, will not be lost. Should you need the list again at some point, you can simply reactivate it.

More small updates and improvements

Besides these new features, we also have a few small updates to talk about:

  • Tags (keywords) can now be assigned directly when creating projects. This makes it even easier to categorise projects.
  • The task details now additionally show which list a task is in.
  • In the task lists, one can not only see the amount of time a task took, but also the time scheduled for a task.
  • On your dashboard, you have a view of your current tasks. In this task view, you can now also see which project a task is in.
  • From now on, you can see which lists a task belongs to in the kanban view.
  • The selection window for date and time selection has also been updated and it looks much better now. Additionally, we have improved usability.
  • If you are using awork as a large group of users, it is possible that not all users should have the same access rights. We have supplemented the rights management. Creating projects is now a separate setting.

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