awork News: New Features in November

New Feature in awork
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We have had many big updates this year. In November, we implemented two new features and a few small, but very useful improvements for you and your team.

Spoiler: awork is now even more simple, even more communicative, which means you and your team will become even more productive! 💪🏻 This blog article neatly summarises all of the information about these new updates.

New is always better: the all-new time evaluation in awork

If you regularly track working hours in awork, you may eventually want to know how much time you needed for specific tasks and projects. With the new time evaluation tool in awork, it will become even easier to get a good overview of your times.

You can create comprehensive evaluations with immediate effect – across teams, with many filter options and with excellent presentation. How about, for example, a clearly arranged pie chart, in which you can see how working time is divided among team members for various projects? With the new time evaluation feature, graphic evaluations such as these are a piece of cake.

The new time evaluation tool in awork
The new time evaluation tool in awork

Get yourself a good first overview thanks to the new search function. Subsequently, you can filter by period, user, projects, task types, tags, billable or non-billable. Additionally, you have the option to make practical groupings.

You can continue to use your evaluations by directly downloading your data as an Excel- or PDF-file and attach a customer invoice including the logo, for example.

In Hamburg, we say “Tschüss”, which means “goodbye”. And it is about time we said that to our old time evaluation. We are confident that you will quickly grow fond of the new evaluation tool and that it will become a must for your team.

The new time evaluation tool is only available within the Premium plan. To make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your team, we are giving all teams this premium feature for 14 days, free of charge! After that, you can still look at your time recordings within the project or in my times in the free version, however you will no longer be able to create an evaluation.

Direct Slack integration for productive teams

With the all-new Slack integration feature, team communication is made even easier. With this integration, you can create tasks in awork, place comments or start the time tracker, all directly from the Slack chat.

For this, you will need to connect your Slack account with awork once. You can do this, either by going to the symbol with the three dots next to the current project, or through the classic Slack integration method.

Connect your awork account with Slack
Connect your awork account with Slack

Additionally, you can choose the desired Slack channel and specify which activities you would like to see.

In Slack you can now enter a command using the /-key. You will directly get an array of command suggestions that are made possible with this integration. Your comments and tasks are also automatically created in awork via the Slack channel, for example.

Additional small updates and improvements

In addition to these two large new features, we have also focused on a couple of practical improvements:

  • We know you’ve been waiting for this one: from now on, your task view is automatically sorted by due date and also alphabetically. Now you definitely won’t miss any deadlines.
  • From now on, you can simply add tasks anywhere into the list and that is where they will stay. As a result, tasks that you create at the top of the list, will also appear at the top.
  • Now, you can also add a start date to your tasks within the task packages.
  • Another new feature is that you can now have the stopwatch fade in or out (in the bottom right corner in awork). You can select your preference by going to settings.
  • We also revised the access rights in awork. There are now three presets for user roles and rights, which can be individually customised (except for the admin-role). As a result, the management of rights has become easier and clearer.
  • Your Zoom setting will be saved in the timeline from now on. This means that the section you choose for the timeline will be saved for that particular project. Also if you switch back and forth between projects.
  • awork is even faster now, as we have improved the overall loading speed.
  • From now on, clients can be created using Zapier. I.e. awork can now be even better integrated with CRM tools.
  • One important thing to note as we come to a close: the free version of awork is free for up to three projects and up to ten users. And that of course will never change. However, deleting projects is only possible in the Premium plan.

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