awork News: New Features in November

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Everyone likes awork updates. Everybody likes alpacas. So why not combine both? 🦙

Our November update is the Alpaca release. This includes new features, improved functionalities, and a super cool raffle. Find the Alpaca in your awork workspace and tell us where it is. The first team to send us an email with a screenshot of the awork Alpacawill win a fluffy digital surprise for the next video meeting!

Integrate external files from Google Drive and OneDrive

When working on projects or specific tasks, it is essential to be able to store important documents and other files directly in the right place and share them with the team. Now you can add files directly to your awork projects and tasks not only from your PC, but also from your OneDrive or Google Drive. You add files in the normal way via files or activities. There are now the options From Google Drive and From One Drive.

If you choose one of these options, a pop-up window will open for you, asking you to log in to the Drive. Subsequently, you can browse your folders and select files. Uploaded content from the Drive will then appear in the task, comment or file overview as normal.

New Dashboard features

The dashboard is the central point of any awork workspace. It is where all important information about projects, tasks, deadlines, and the team comes together. As such, it is constantly evolving and is once again getting a little bit better thanks to this update.

With the Alpaca release, a new widget has been added to your dashboard: with the Progress widget, you can see the progress of your current projects and thus directly see the current status. This will be particularly exciting for project managers, as it will allow them to keep a more centralised view of important projects.

In addition, it is now possible to open projects in new tabs and open tasks as a preview without leaving the dashboard.

Smart User Availability

The larger the team and the more complex the projects, the more important it becomes to keep an overview of the users’ capacities. A full-time employee with 40 hours a week must of course be planned completely differently, compared to a working student that is available a maximum of 20 hours per week. To simplify this, you can now enter a weekly capacity in your profile. By default, 40 hours, i.e. a week based on the usual 8-hour day, are stored there.

The capacity stored here affects your time tracking and your data in the team planner. awork uses your entered weekly working time here to calculate your workload and to warn you if it exceeds your available capacity.
If you track more than the average available working time on any given work day, this will be shown in red on the dashboard.

If you are scheduled for too many tasks in one period, you can see this under Workspace / Team planner. Likewise, an overload will be shown in red here.

Easier search

When you’re in the middle of a workflow and you’re looking for something, it has to be done quickly. Unnecessary information and endless scrolling are out of place. That is why we have optimised our search even further. In the global search, tasks and projects that have already been completed are now listed at the very bottom.

When searching in the project, you will now only see tasks that are relevant for your search. Task lists without hits are temporarily hidden until you have finished your search.

Time Tracking

Times can now be assigned to the right project even more easily. You can now search for the client when entering times in the Project field. This way, the correct assignment works, even if you can’t remember the exact project number.

Task lists

In order to give you a quick glance at how much work is left within your tasks, you can now see how many of the subtasks have already been completed in task lists by hovering over them with the mouse.

Share tasks faster via link

You want to send the link to a specific task to a team member? With the Alpaca release, this will be even easier in the future. From now on you can share tasks by clicking on the three-point symbol. For this purpose we have added a new selection option called Copy task link.

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