awork News: New Features in July

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It is time for another awork update! 🤩 Last month, we worked hard on improving on already existing features. To ensure you enjoy working with awork even more than before, we aim to consistently improve the quality of our applications, in addition to creating new features, which we are of course also working on.

We regularly conduct usability tests for this purpose and devote a lot of time to your feedback. The result is a well-thought-out concept for awork development planning, which is put into practice step by step.

The optimisation of existing features and workflows is just as important as the development of new features. After all, attention to detail is ultimately what makes or breaks a tool.

And ta-dah! After weeks of hard labour, we present our big summer update today. This article will go over all new and improved features.

Exporting tasks to Excel

Indeed, from now on you can turn task lists within a project or a task view into an Excel file. The export contains all task details, such as descriptions, tags, associated projects, tracked working hours, activities, etc. This makes it easy to process your data in Excel, e.g., for individual reports or for printing.

Tags (keywords) 2.0

Tags in awork now have an array of colours to choose from. To make them even more readable, we have also slightly modified the design. Additionally, you can now rename tags, i.e., if you want to change a tag, you don’t have to delete and recreate it anymore. You can simply click on the edit button. How cool is that?!

Tags in awork now have a bunch of selectable colours and a cooler overall design.

Edit task filter on the dashboard

You can completely customize your dashboard in awork and, for example, save different task views as widgets. The task views that you use on the dashboard can now be edited directly from the widget settings. The old “detour” via the task view module is no longer necessary and you can see the customized list immediately on the dashboard. It’s super practical!

Task views that you use on your personal dashboard can now be edited directly from the widget settings.

New task view options

The task views mentioned above are a popular feature, especially among project managers who have to keep track of many projects and different teams. Our summer update includes new filters for the task views: you can now filter by task “without deadlines” and by task using client tags.

This is really handy because tasks without a fixed deadline easily fall by the wayside. With the new filter option, however, that’s an issue of the past, as you can view them across projects with a single click.

The filter for client tags is also very helpful. For example, if you use a specific tag for new clients, you can use the new filter option to directly view all tasks from your new client projects, without having to select each client in this category individually. It’s the bees’ knees!

My tasks-view updates

UnderMy tasksyou can now easily add new tasks to grouped lists. The corresponding value for the group, e.g., “due next week”, will be added directly to the task, depending on which task list you are currently in.

You can now also sort your tasks by start date. This sorting option is also available in the task views.

Extendable task bar in the timeline

In the timeline, you will only see tasks that have a start and end date. All other to-do’s appear next to them in the list of unplanned tasks. You can now drag this task bar to your desired width. This way, longer task names can be easily recognised.

oAuth 2.0 for the lexoffice integration

With awork, you can easily process tracked times or time reports with common accounting tools. Now, we have changed the authentication procedure for our lexoffice integration. From now on an integration can only be set up via OAuth 2.0. This procedure is not only more secure, but also more convenient, as manual copying of the API token is no longer necessary. Already existing integrations will of course continue to work as usual. A little goodie on the side: a newly created invoice via the lexoffice integration now opens directly in the edit mode.

MAAAANY UI improvements and bug fixes

We’ve also made a number of mini optimisations to improve the user experience. These include a more intuitive notification inputs in the automations, an improved view of the board columns even on larger screens, a dark mode view of the note widget and much more.

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