awork News: New Features in February

New awork Features in February
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What would the second month of the year be without a cool awork update? ๐Ÿ˜‰
In the last few weeks, we have also been #productiveasfuck, to make sure you guys could look forward to a new awork update with really cool features.

In this blog article, we will present to you all the improvements and features from February. If you are curious about the upcoming updates, definitely check out our roadmap.

Custom dashboards

Let’s start with a feature that has become very popular within our team: custom dashboards.

From now on, you can customize your awork dashboard. If you use time reports in awork every day, for example, you can very easily make this widget appear on your dashboard. This way, you’ve always got an overview of the information that is most important to you. Pretty nice!

If you want to be able to adjust your dashboard to your needs, you can control this easily through the new button, found at the bottom of the dashboard.

Customize your awork dashboard
This new dashboard button lets you customize your awork dashboard.

With a single click, you can add new widgets. Moreover, you can rearrange or even delete existing widgets simply by dragging and dropping them, in case you no longer need them.

Remember: in order for your dashboard configuration to be saved, you need to save your view by checking the small box.

Saving the dashboard
Don’t forget: always save your dashboard configuration.

Another practical addition is that you can fold and unfold certain widgets.

We have summarised all of the important information you will need for this cool new feature in a separate blog article. If you want to know how our colleagues use the feature, come right this way.

Group your awork board

Next up is grouping your tasks together in an awork Kanban board. That’s right! From now on you can keep an even better overview with the Kanban Board. With this update, we have made it possible for you to group your tasks into boards.

You can choose to display your tasks on the board by user or by list. Of course, you can still sort your tasks by drag & drop, and easily assign other people for example. Additionally, you can fold and unfold the different lists.

Group your awork kanban board
Use the new feature and group your awork Kanban board

Here’s a neat application example: have you got a meeting and several open tasks, which are to be divided amongst the team? With this new Kanban feature, you can distribute all tasks permanently to the appropriate people. To do so, simply drag and drop the tasks into the respective Kanban list.

Finally: the Microsoft Teams integration

Yeah! In addition to Slack, the direct Microsoft Teams integration is now available too. MS Teams is popular tool used by many companies in order to communicate with one another and keep each other in the loop.

To ensure that the MS Teams group can work just as productively as all the “Slackies”, awork has established a direct integration with this tool.

awork ms team integration
Starting the new MS Teams integration in awork

Our direct awork and MS Teams integration allows you to receive updates in Teams, whenever projects and tasks in awork are created, assigned, or commented on. You can hop from a Teams message to a project directly, in order to reply to comments or create new tasks within a project. Furthermore, time tracking directly from the Teams chat is now no problem at all.

So what else is new?

Besides these three cool features, we’ve worked on a handful of smaller updates:

  • Hovering names: from now on, you will see the names when hovering in the task view.
  • Even easier adding of tasks: adding new tasks to a list has become even easier and faster. When you add new tasks to your list, you automatically jump down one line to create a new one directly.
  • awork as a progressive web app: from now on, you can install the awork website as an application (for Chrome and Safari). This way, your awork window is always at the ready and can even be used offline.
  • New data import columns: when importing data, tasks can now also be assigned to lists. To do this, you simply fill in the Lists-column and enter the list, in which the tasks should later appear.
  • Unplanned tasks in the team planner: within the team planner, you can now also display tasks from projects that are still in the planning phase. Additionally, we’ve added a new invoicing option: all time entries. With this you can summarise all of your tracked hours in one location. All dates are accumulated.
  • We’ve also developed a few practical updates for the mobile version of awork:
    • Smaller awork menu: this gives you more room to create tasks in the task lists.
    • Improved performance: we’ve improved the mobile scrolling performance.
    • Grouping and sorting: additionally, you can now group and sort lists in the mobile app, just like in the web app.

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