awork News: New Features in December

New Features in December
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You could call these new December features early Christmas presents. Our developer team has put in a lot of effort to make sure the awork updates were up and running before the end of the year. We did all this to ensure your year-end and new year start are as productive as possible.

Yippee Yippee Yeah! All in all, you can look forward to four really cool new features and a couple of small updates. This blog article includes all of the information you need about the bigger and smaller updates.

awork guest access

Let us begin with a long awaited and pretty practical feature.

Here’s the basic situation: within your team, everyone works with the awork Premium plan. Your colleagues, as well as your clients, have an account. And it is very important to you that clients have access to the project status and the deadlines. Furthermore, you would love to have the ability to clarify any questions clients may have within the respective project tasks directly.

From now on, guests can be invited into the awork workspace.
Available now: awork guest access

Up till now, a guest user would also need a licence for that. This changes with the Premium plan update.

From now on, there is an extra access slot available for guests. Here, one guest counts as ⅓ of a user, meaning: 1 user = 3 guests.

Within the free plan, a guest counts as a standard user. People with a guest role can only look at their own projects and times, and they can also only be added to a project.

The new update is exceedingly useful for all Premium plan users, who work in awork together with their clients, freelancers, or external partners on specific projects.

Visual and cross-project team planning

Who is currently on holiday, who works on what projects and who has some capacity left for a new task?

All of these questions can be answered with this new awork feature. With the brand new team planner, you can manage resources over various projects.

In addition, this Premium feature allows you to switch between the project view and team view.

Within the project view, you can just have the projects that are relevant to you show up. This way, it becomes immediately evident, if there is any overlap between projects, milestones, or important deadlines. Add new tasks, modify them, or assign them to other people. You can also just move tasks around by dragging and dropping.

The team planner in awork
The team planner in awork

In addition to the project view, you can use the team view in the new team planner. In the team view, the focus is on personnel utilisation. You can’t fade projects in or out like you can in the project view, but you can do exactly that with team members, in order to see who has some spare capacity.

New Premium feature: direct integration of invoicing tools

Not only can you analyse your tracked times individually with awork’s Premium plan, but you can also directly issue an invoice for them now. This new feature is advantageous for all awork users, who want to calculate their times.

As a first step, we have integrated three invoicing tools:

Via your time reports, which you can find in the menu on the left side under Workspace, you can easily select one of the invoice tools. Choose one / multiple filters, which you would like to have analysed, then click on the dollar sign and finally create your invoice. An extra window will then open, in which you can select one of the invoicing tools mentioned above.

Calculate your times directly, using the new invoicing tool integration
Calculate your times directly, using the new invoicing tool integration

You can add or delete additional items from your invoice. What’s more, you can easily sort and arrange items using the drag and drop feature.

What is especially practical, is that you can save your invoice in the invoicing tool and edit them further in awork. It currently works for sevDesk and the HQ.

Recurring tasks

Every branch has tasks that need to completed on a regular basis. As the name already gave away, this new awork feature deals with tasks that are created repeatedly automatically.

You can either take a new task or an existing one and turn it into a recurring task. For this, you go to the dots-symbol next to the task and click on recurring there.

Recurring tasks in awork
Create a task that replicates itself automatically at specific intervals.

Do you, for example, need to prepare a meeting every three weeks? Then create an suitable task that reappears every three weeks!

Of course, you can stop the recurring task at any time.

These updates are short, but sharp:

  • From now on, an additional status in awork can be chosen: Review (Lila). Use it when the task is still waiting to be approved.
  • Welcome to the dark site 😉 awork also has a dark mode now.
Now available: awork’s dark mode
  • As many people really wanted this update, we made it a reality. From now on, you yourself can change the icons for your task status.
  • There are new grouping / sorting options for my tasks in awork. From now on, you can group your tasks according to project, project type, type of work, not grouped, by day, week, or by month. Subsequently within the groups, you can sort the tasks according to automatic (individual), due date, creation, or planned cost.
  • Perhaps you have already noticed, but we have been using our new mailing templates.
  • Last but not least, a new Slack command has been added, which automatically directs you to our help-center. To do this, simply enter the following command in Slack: /awork-help

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