awork News: New Features in April

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Hello there! Welcome to another episode of… awork updates! We promise you that this one was worth the wait, as we’ve got some really cool new features for you and your team. These new functions make it even more easy to operate awork and optimally support your team’s daily processes. We hope that these new features will excite your team as much as they excited us. 🙂

This blog post will present all new changes since April. If you already want to know what you can look forward to next, then take a look at our roadmap. There you can get a taste of our future updates. But for now, let’s take a focus on the new features for this month:

Autopilot for projects

The autopilot helps you manage your projects. Itkeeps an eye on the progress made on the project and proactively informs participants and project leaders via email about your to-do’s and project progress. All of this is done automatically. Pretty cool, right?

All important info about this cool feature has been compiled in this separate blog article.

Good to know: you can switch the autopilot on and off at any time for individual projects.

New briefings via email

What tasks are on the agenda this week? Have I completed all my to-do’s in the past week? What times have I tracked in the last month? From now on, you won’t have to worry about these questions anymore, because awork will take care of it for you.

What used to be the weekly and monthly summaries and the time tracking reminder are now the weekly briefing, weekly report, and monthly report. And best of all: awork automatically creates the new briefings and sends them to you and your team members by email, without any additional effort!

  • From now on there will be a weekly briefing every Monday morning about your upcoming tasks and projects. This way you start the new week in a highly organised way, see what needs to be done at a glance, and save valuable time in your weekly planning. In other words, nothing stands in the way of a productive week.
  • In order to find out exactly how productive your week was, you will now receive a weekly report every Friday, summarising your tracked times and tasks from the previous week. This gives you a great overview of your completed to-do’s and gives you a good feeling right before kicking off the weekend!
  • All good things come in threes: in addition to the weekly briefing and report, from now on you will also receive a monthly report of your tracked times and tasks, on the 1st of the following month. This makes the time-consuming process of creating monthly reviews a thing of the past and you’ll have the progress of the previous month in writing, without any additional effort. Pretty nice, right?

Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you want to receive automatic briefings from awork. In the notification settings there is a section called Reports & Briefings. There you can switch briefings on and off at any time and individually set which briefings you want to receive and how.

Your very own workspace URLs (Enterprise Plan)

We have also done a spring clean in the workspace settings. In addition to the display name and logo, you can now also set your own URL for the workspace under Settings / Workspace. This feature is available for Enterprise Plan users.

Moreover, you now have the possibility to choose directly between the options Premiumand Enterpriseduring the registering process (all information about plans and prices can be found here). Are you already using awork Premium and would you like to switch to the Enterprise Plan? Or do you have any questions perhaps? Then contact us at any time.

What else is new?

In addition to these cool features, the following improvements are likewise worth getting excited about:

  • Settings within projects:projects now have their own settings pagewhere you can manage board columns (task status), the autopilot, and integrations.
  • Client names in tasks and projects:we now display the client’s name in many more places so that you are more quickly aware of what the task / project belongs to which client.
  • Notes in time tracking entries: from now on, notes in time tracking entries will no longer be shortened when exporting time reports as PDF files, but will be displayed in full.
  • Own group for completed tasks: completed tasks no longer appear under My Tasks in this week’s group: they will appear in a separate group at the very bottom called Recently Completed.
  • Display of the project type: thetype of a projectis now displayed again in the project details.
  • Password change: from now on, you can change your password via your profile in the settings list directly.
  • Number of users in the registering process: when the trial ends, you can now reduce the number of users before registering.
  • Technical spring-cleaning:the main front-end frameworks were updated to the latest versions.

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