Task Bundle: Exhibition Planning made Easy

awork Task Package for trade fair planning
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Anyone who has ever planned an exhibition, fair, or event is aware of how much work is involved in such a thing. Trust us, we know. In most cases, the amount of work is initially significantly underestimated. The mountain of tasks, the deadlines, and the different people to talk to later on, are all accompanied by the unpleasant feeling that something has been forgotten or that a deadline has been missed.

awork’s exhibition planning task bundle will help you monitor everything and not miss any deadlines, while giving you helpful tips regarding to-do’s you may not even have thought of. The task bundle is useful for old hands in the exhibition business, as well as for beginners.

Just like with any task bundle, it can be loaded into your own awork, with a single click. All tasks contain a detailed description and, to some extent, subtasks, which you can finish one by one. We suggest starting with the kick-off exhibition planning.

Use now in awork

From the first planning stages to the actual event

The factor of time plays an important role, especially when planning trade fairs or events. This is why the individual lists with the respective to-do’s were chronologically divided in this template. The exhibition planning task bundle starts with a kick-off date and ends with the day of the trade fair itself.

Subsequently, all important facts should be compiled in the first task set. What is your budget? Who will drive to the exhibition? What does the organiser offer? Here, be sure to specify order deadlines and to store the contact person in the task.

Exhibition planning with awork
Exhibition planning made easy: with awork’s task bundle.

When these basic questions have been answered, it’s time to get down to business. You need to design your trade fair booth. Additionally, certain other things need to be kept in mind and considered when planning. Here, it is vital that you give yourself enough time to order equipment, as roll-ups or flyers may require more time than initially planned.

At this point, it would also be wise to create deadlines for these individual tasks. If you have any experts for this particular field in your team, definitely assign the appropriate tasks to them.

Do you already know the awork timeline? This Premium feature allows you to visually plan your projects on a timeline!

Once the basic framework is in place, you should have about a month until the start of the fair. Things, such as the stand design, the marketing budget, and the team driving to the fair, each create more to-do’s, which need to be resolved now.

Exhibition planning in awork
Within the task bundle you will find already existing subtasks, which can be customised individually.

Here’s a little tip: regularly check the most important to-do’s and subtasks in the lists, whether or not you have truly thought of everything, and whether or not every task is actually being implemented. If necessary, remind your team of the deadline.

About two weeks before the exhibition, organisers tend to have a good overview of the course of the event. This is a good time to once again talk to your contact person, in case he or she has not contacted you already.
If you have more detailed information, you can arrange a briefing for your colleagues that summarises everything. This is your last chance to find out if anything has been forgotten about.

The last list found in the task bundle deals with the departure to the event and the exhibition day itself. It would be a shame if everything was perfectly organised and some basic things were forgotten in the office in the end. This is why the tasks in this list need to be checked and completed.

Make the world the way you want it

Of course, the individual to-do’s are not set in stone and there are peculiarities at every trade fair that have to be taken into account accordingly.

Simply adapt the task bundles to your wishes and needs and add some to-do’s or lists yourself.

What’s practical about task bundles in awork, is that you can easily add subtasks, create new tasks, delete other ones, or create completely new lists. Our templates are only intended to help you think about how to plan such a trade fair and which tasks you should definitely consider.

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