Task bundle: content planning with awork

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How do you actually manage your corporate blog? Do you just right a blog post, once you have come up with a suitable subject? Or do you sometimes post on social media? With this task bundle, you can professionalise your content planning.

The task bundle helps you plan and manage content for your company blog and social media channels. If you are not planning your content professionally yet, you should take a closer look at this template πŸ˜‰

Use now in awork

Your content planning is but a click away!

Like every task bundle, you can load it into your own awork account with just one click. All tasks contain a detailed description and, in part, subtasks that you can complete one by one. We recommend starting with the brainstorm tasks.

From an idea to its implementation

The content planning task bundle starts in the brainstorming phase and ends with the implementation of a tangible idea. There is a separate list for each channel. In every channel list (e.g., blog posts or social media), you start with the brainstorming task.

For example, you start by gathering subject ideas for your blog. If you are literally just starting out, you should first take a look at a few blogs you like. Inspiration for new blog posts can also be found on competitor blogs. Or perhaps you’re launching a new product or update soon? That could also be a good subject to write about. Gather all kinds of ideas during the brainstorming session.

Possible ideas for blog posts:

  • Expert interviews
  • Product news
  • How-to blog articles
  • Opinions on a specific topic

The next step deals with actual content planning. Provided that you have collected enough ideas, you should create a new task for every blog post, social media post and every newsletter. Every task should include a description of the idea, as well as the deadline (the day the post should be published online). The easiest way is to go about it, is by using our templates (these are called Blogpost I and Blogpost II). The next step includes appointing the respective task to a colleague πŸ™‚

New content emerges and you have a good overview of it all

For every bit of content, think about the possible visuals. Do you perhaps need a new image for the next blog post? Or would an infographic be useful for the upcoming social media post? Create a separate task in the graphics list each time.

Now that the planning is ready, the production of professional content may begin! Thanks to awork, you always have a clear overview of everything. For instance, the projects status gives you information about whether or not the production of the next blog post was started on time. Through the comment feature, available in every task, you can exchange information with your colleagues about the current state of affairs. The project also serves as an ideal basis for planning- or update-meetings.

Next Level: content planning with the awork Timeline

We have incorporated our own content planning experiences into this task bundle. At the end of it, you yourself will discover which planning methods are best for you and your content. We find that the method involving list planning for every channel (as well as templates) has proven its worth. Our schedule and overview are both maintained through the awork Timeline.

The awork Timeline acts like an editorial plan. As a result, we have a chronological overview of when a blog post is put online, which newsletter is being sent around over the coming weeks and we can always be sure that social media posts matching the content are planned.

If you want to bring content planning to the next level, you just need schedule a start and end date for each blog post/newsletter/social media post, so the respective task will pop up in the timeline. Alternatively, you could just pull a task from the unplanned tasks bar and drag it into the timeline.

Of course the content planning will change as time goes by. Especially, if you plan far in advance. awork’s visual planner allows you to simply move around your tasks or the respective content. It also makes sense to award milestones for important events. For instance, we have added a milestone in our awork content planning for every release. We can then see on time, if and when the respective piece of content must be ready.

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