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Product managers are often asked what their main task is, as it is not always clear what they do. It often seems like they are not working productively, which is why product managers do not always receive the acceptance and recognition they deserve. Since they are also frequently engaged in meetings or customer appointments, they have little time to continuously get the entire team on board.

How can this be avoided? Well, with awork’s task bundle called Product Launch, you can plan and realise your next product in an efficient and transparent manner. It provides a number of advantages:

  • A clear overview of your work
  • Saving time and less meetings through real-time collaboration and simple briefings
  • Simple delegation through allocation of responsibilities and tasks
  • An overview of all relevant to-do’s and deadlines (so you don’t have to postpone the launch 😉)
  • Better cooperation with the marketing team

Use in awork now

What makes for a successful product launch?

If you are a product manager, you tend to be a project manager too, which means that you must always keep an eye on the schedule, costs, and quality. To do this, it is particularly important to avoid unnecessary time-consuming procedures, such as inefficient agreements, insufficient market intelligence, or inconsistent strategies. Especially in today’s world it is essential to create a short time to market in order to remain competitive. To ensure this, it requires precise planning of the launch in individual phases.

Product launch phases:

  • 01 | Pre-Launch:this is where the market target group and competition needs to be analysed, as it helps optimally position the product. Building upon this analysis, all strategic decisions are made. This is the only way to achieve a product market fit and choose the right prices, media, and marketing measures. Furthermore, the coordination of the launch planning with all relevant stakeholders is extremely important during this phase.
awork task bundle product launch
The awork task bundle helps you define your target audience
  • 02 | Test-Launch:the planning and strategy for the launch are now in place. However, in order to achieve a successful launch, you need to execute a test launch using a small sample of your target group. This will save you a lot of money for potentially unsuccessful campaigns or dissatisfied consumers and bad reviews.

    Testimonial campaigns, for example, are a good way of running a test launch. With the help of customer feedback, you can optimise pricing, product features, as well as marketing and sales measures, and adapt them to your target group.

Tip: you can use the testimonial material gained here for your marketing measures and, if applicable, you can start collaborating or making deals with your first partners.

  • 03 | Launch:it’s launch time! Your product and your strategies are now optimally adapted to your target group and your market, meaning it’s time for the PR announcement! Now it’s the marketing team’s turn: they can use the budget specifically for performance ads and content marketing or other measures. During this time, it is very important to offer your consumers prompt and service-oriented support.

    Evaluations and ratings are vital, especially in the early stages, as innovation-happy consumers (innovators and early adopters) tend to be more interested in new products, while more cautious consumers (the early majority) and sceptical consumers (late majority and laggards) first want to be convinced that the product is really good and that it inspires others (a rating of at least 4.3 out of 5 stars is recommended).
  • 04 | Post-Launch:the launch is over. In other words, is time to celebrate the effort and work that went into it with the team! 🎉 So, you are not only having a great time, but you’re also strengthening your cooperation for the next launch.

    Keep in mind, this is also the time to continue learning from your consumers. Performance reporting provides information on how well your campaigns and measures are really received and in which areas you could potentially save some of your budget or use it more effectively. And do not forget about ratings or testimonials, as these are likewise very important elements to consider here.

This is how planning a product launch works in a nutshell

To enable you to plan yourproduct launch in awork directly, we have created a suitable task bundle.

awork task bundle product launch
Involve your whole team when using the task bundle

The bundle works according to the following principle:

  1. Create a “Product Launch” project type in your settings and store the Product Launchtask bundle here (take a look at our other task bundles on marketing too 😉)
  2. Read the task bundle carefully and adapt it to your workflow if necessary
  3. Use the timeline in order to visually plan your launch in advance
  4. Arrange a kick-off meeting with all relevant colleagues to go through future planning. It is best to directly assign responsibilities and deadlines of the respective tasks in awork
  5. At the end of each day (or each week), one should have a quick look and make sure everything is going according to plan (and, if necessary, ensure that all working time has been tracked))

Use in awork now

Now you can effectively start planning your next product launch! In principle, the task bundle is suitable for both physical and digital products or services. After importing the task bundle you can always adapt it to the respective launch or workflow.

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