Task Bundle: Google Ads Setup

Task Bundle Setup Google Ads
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Google Ads works not only for large companies with a high budget, but also for smaller companies. However, whether Google Ads can be used as a successful marketing channel also depends on how well people know about it. Often companies fail to deal intensively with the topic and set up their Google Ads account correctly. However, whether Google Ads can be used as a successful marketing channel also depends on how well people know about it. Often companies fail to deal intensively with the topic and set up their Google Ads account correctly.

With the awork task bundle from the Google Ads agency AdStrat, the cumbersome reading and viewing of tutorials is a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, every awork user can load the task bundle for creating a Google Ads account into their own awork and start right away.

We talked to Arne, the founder of AdStrat and got some cool tips about the task bundle and Google Ads.

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Arne, could you quickly introduce yourself and AdStrat?

Hello, my name is Arne and I have been doing performance marketing for over 10 years. I specialised early on in SEA, i.e. Google Ads and Bing-Ads.

I am the managing director of AdStrat GmbH: a Google Ads agency from Hamburg, which I founded in 2016. We are a small team that builds high-performance campaigns for our customers and achieves very good results for B2C and B2B customers from a wide range of industries..

Did you use any other project management tool before awork?

We had previously worked with mite for our time recording and organised tasks with Trello. Both are good software, but with awork we have found a tool that now replaces both.

AdStrat works with awork
AdStrat works with awork

Cool that makes us happy, of course. What tipped the scales in favour of awork?

awork is made for teams and therefore perfect for an agency like ours. Having time tracking and task management in one is ideal for us. In addition, we should of course also look at the product we are promoting. Since we implement Google Ads for awork, we can put ourselves in the position of our potential clients much better.

awork is made for teams and is therefore perfect for an agency like ours.

How do you use awork? Which functions are particularly valuable for your team?

For us, integrated time tracking is primarily important. It enables us to directly create good reports for our clients. It is especially practical that we can work directly with our clients in awork. However, we don’t just use awork for working with customers: we also organise our internal projects there.

Speaking of planning projects, you have created an exclusive task bundle for awork for Google Ads. Why is the task bundle so practical?

In general, the task bundles from awork help to create and automate systems and processes. The task bundle for the creation of a new Google Ads accountwith new AdWords campaigns is especially practical, because you can always fall back on it, even if you want to create such campaigns for new clients. This is practical because you can work alongside the task modules as if it were a cooking recipe, thus making sure that you have not forgotten anything important.

The awork task bundle by AdStrat
The awork task bundle by AdStrat

What did you pay special attention to when you created the task bundle?

It was most important to us that the tasks are formulated in an understandable way and that not only Google Ads experts can understand them. With this bundle, everyone should have a good basis for setting up a Google Ads account initially.

An important part of the task bundle is, among other things, conversion tracking. What do you have to pay attention to when you create a new account?

Conversion tracking is elementary important for performance marketing. Without it, we would not be able to measure how successful our Google Ads campaigns are. With Google, this is done either via Google Ads Conversion Tracking or by importing targets from Google Analytics. Whichever option you choose, it is important to test the tracking and observe how the values develop in the first days after the campaign starts.

Unfortunately, SEO is still not the favourite discipline of many users. Often it goes downhill right at the start. Do you have tips for keyword research?

Every website operator should learn SEO basics. There are so many sources on the net. For example, I always recommend this blog.

For the keyword research there are many tools that are available online for free, e.g. the Keyword Toolor the Keyword Builder. If it should go beyond that, I myself analyse competitors. What terms do they use in their ads and on the website (title tags, descriptions etc.).

And can you tell us something about negative keywords in this context?

Negative keywords are important for Google Ads so that you are not played off to irrelevant search queries. If I don’t offer something, then my ad should not appear. Otherwise I pay for a click from a user who is looking for something else and cannot find it on our website.

For example, if you do a keyword analysis with a tool like the Keyword Builder, you can always find interesting keywords that are not relevant. From this you can then build lists of negative keywords for Google Ads.

The awork task bundle by awork
Helpful tips for Google Ads

Can we get a few more tips for a good ad text? Which information should not be missing here?

Put yourself in the position of your client. What would he like to read, what appeals to him, what are his needs and how do we stand out from the competition?

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