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task bundle Samy Löwe
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We all know them – the creative slobs. Be it the untidy desk of a colleague from the graphics department or the chaos of a messy studio. Not all creative people are untidy and absent-minded, however. Creativity and organisation can get along very well, as has been proven by our new task bundle, which we developed with illustrator and designer Samy Löwe.

With this task bundle, you can concentrate on what you are best at and what you like to do most. It also increases your performance and we enable you to work on several projects simultaneously and productively.

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Samy used the container method when creating the task bundle.

Samy used the container method when creating the task bundle. Each task list is to be understood as a container. Encased by the organisational container lists (Preparation & Final) the container lists Concept, Style and Work are in the task bundle. In principle, you can jump back and forth between these three container lists.

If you are not as creative as you would like to be, you can devote yourself to other to-do’s from another container, where you may not have to give such creative input. This method also allows you to work on several projects at the same time and, for example, creating a mood board for all projects when you are in flow. Of course, you can also work through your to-do’s chronologically in the task bundle.

The task bundle of Samy Löwe

For all creative projects

Together with illustrator and designer Samy Löwe, we will help you with the task bundle called Template for Creative Projects and help you to master the creative everyday life. From the first sketch to the data transfer and invoice, we offer you a comprehensive overview that you can use for your creative business or your self-employed position, whether you design, write, photograph or film… The task bundle serves as a template for any creative project and you can adapt and change it according to your ideas and needs.

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We asked Samy a few questions about himself, his workflow, and the advantages of the task bundle.

Hi Samy, why don’t you introduce yourself? Who are you and what exactly is it that you do?

Hi, I am Samy Löwe, I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Stuttgart. First and foremost, I am totally fascinated by creativity and exciting ideas. Since I work as an illustrator and designer, I get to collect exactly that. I try to let ideas flow into my drawings and designs and thus see banal things in a completely different way. At the beginning of 2019 I started my own business directly after my communication design studies and started my social media channels.

Can creativity or drawing really be learned?

Absolutely! Creativity has nothing to do with talent and I think it is a great pity that you get this picture of society. As with mathematics, sports, and all other subjects you have to train yourself. Drawing is a pure craft and can be learned bit by bit and creativity is a way of thinking. Completely detached from the medium in which I want to express myself. An entrepreneur with innovative ideas is just as creative as an artist or a footballer who thinks up new ways to score a goal. Creativity makes every person better.

Samy Löwe during his favourite activity
Samy Löwe during his favourite activity

You set yourself a pretty ambitious goal in social media last year and posted an illustration 365 days a year. How do you keep up the pace?

Good question! I think a number of things played a role here. For one thing, I was very “hungry” and wanted to develop my own style and build a portfolio for myself in a very short time. When I look at the process now it makes me really happy. Secondly, I wanted to grow on social media and inspire people with my view of the world. Motivation and the corresponding vision and goals were already provided. The second piece of the puzzle was the organisational aspect and the possibility to get everything under one roof. Of course, awork truly helped me not to get lost when working with all of that content. And this knowledge has been incorporated into the new task bundle!

You created the awork task bundle for creative projects. How exactly does the task bundle work?

The bundle illustrates the process of making creative content. It does not matter whether you illustrate, write, or are working in photography. It does not matter if you work for clients, customers, or your social media channels. From the first idea to the invoice, the package maps everything and uses different containers to make you more effective and, of course, even more creative!

The task bundle of Samy Löwe
Samy added many tips in his task bundle

Could you explain the container work method in more detail?

We all know this one: we have a task that we are actually good at, but even after the fourth coffee, we still don’t have any ideas. In order to stay motivated and especially in order to save time, we use the containers.

Surrounded by the organisational things (preparation & final) the topics concept, style and work are in the task bundle. Let us say I design logos, but I just can’t come up with a good idea for Mrs. Müller’s logo. Instead of losing myself in the concept container, I work on another assignment (to-do) from the work container and finish up things here.

Some days, however, everything just runs like clockwork and I can just stay in the same container and do many of these tasks. The basic requirement is of course having several simultaneous projects.

Try it out in awork now

Let’s go back to to Ms. Müller’s logo, do you have any tips on how to work well with clients as a creative?

To summarise, I think many people underestimate that this is also a very interpersonal relationship and that you can have fun at work. I’m only 23 and maybe in a few years I’ll think differently about it, but a “Sorry, my mistake…” or an “I think this would solve your problem better because…” always works wonders for me. You always get hired to solve a problem. Creative people often want to express themselves, but we should always have the client’s goal in mind.

Work even more effectively with the task bundle by Samy
Work even more effectively with the task bundle by Samy

In addition to client projects, you also have time to try out new things from time to time, such as TikTok. How do you organise yourself for this?

This is in fact linked to the biggest advantage of good self-management and awork. There are a lot of ideas and conceptions in my head, which cannot all be realised or achieved. This means I am faced with the choice of what to start with.

My personal workflow are primarily my goals. These can of course still change or be adapted, but I define them for each year, quarter, month, and week. With the awork dashboard, I have all these things clearly laid out in front of me each day to remind myself. It could be my big goal for the year or my idea to test a new platform like TikTok this month. As a small encouragement, I must also say that I also needed more time to really implement it, but often it helps to start with a video and then go on step by step, day by day. 🙂

Finally, a special question! What is your favourite feature in awork?

I like awork so much because there is not only one good feature, but in many situations, it really saves my a** 😀. If I had to decide, it would probably be the new dashboard with all its functions and adjustments. Having everything visible at a glance motivates me to put my foot down every day and get involved in my projects!

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