Task Bundle: Creating IGTV Videos with Trajan Tosev

Make IGTV videos with Trajan Tosev's new task bundle
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When it comes to Instagram, there is no getting around the IGTV video format (Instagram TV). Some people argue that IGTV, as well as Instagram stories, are possibly becoming even more important than the Instagram feed.

However, not everyone dares to use this video format, as too many questions and tasks are left unresolved: What do you need to consider when doing research? What equipment pays off? What should one keep in mind when recording and during post-production, and on which channels should the finished video run? Because of the many question marks floating around in people’s heads, lots of people don’t even begin producing.

With the all-new task bundle from IGTV professional Trajan Tosev, you can download a video tutorial with many helpful tips and tasks with one click in awork and start the first tasks immediately. Just like with any other task bundle, all tasks contain a detailed description and (to some extent) subtasks, which you can work through one by one.

Use now in awork

IGTV professional Trajan Tosev has developed an IGTV video task bundle exclusively for awork.

In this blog article, we will tell you all about how the task bundle works and give you a small overview of the tasks involved.

The first sentences are crucial

The best thing to do, is start with the first list: planning and concept.

The first step is to do some research to find a suitable subject for your channel and community. If you want to reach as many users as possible using IGTV, you need to research your chosen topic thoroughly. Once you have chosen a cool subject, it can be helpful to take a few notes on what exactly you want to tell your IGTV viewers.

Here’s a little tip from Trajan himself: try to capture viewers’ interest within your video’s first few sentences.

Create your own IGTV videos using Trajan Tosev's task bundle
Create your own IGTV videos using Trajan Tosev’s task bundle

Roll the cameras

Before commencing with the next list (record and edit), it may be a good idea to think about where you can record the video properly. There are a few things to consider here too.

In case you need any additional light sources or extra microphones, Trajan has added tips in the task bundle for you.

Remember, IGTV supports two video formats: the 16:9 (horizontal) or alternatively, the 9:16 format (vertical). You should decide which format you want the videos to play out in before recording, so you can position the camera accordingly.

Now you can devote yourself to the list Create Promo Material. So that your video can be marketed on different channels, it also makes sense to take a few photos of you and the setting during production.

When uploading the video, there are another few things to keep in mind, for which Trajan has once again gathered some helpful tips and tricks For example, did you know, that unlike “normal” posts, you can also insert links in the IGTV description?

The last list in the task bundle deals with promoting your IGTV video. Ideally, you would promote your created video directly on your Instagram Story or in a newsletter.

Trajan's task bundle is packed with helpful tips and subtasks.
With the task bundle, Trajan guides you through the individual steps of video production.

Are you ready?

With the new task bundle by Trajan and awork, you can directly begin producing your first IGTV video. The practical thing about the task bundles is that you can easily customise our templates, add subtasks, create new tasks, delete others or create completely new lists. Have fun trying stuff out!

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