Smartness & awork

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A smart tool? An application that thinks alongside you? For many, alarm bells start ringing at the very thought of having AI and smartness in software. People still fear that our smart little machines may one day make our jobs obsolete or that intelligent software will produce better results than we possibly could. However, smart software is primarily something else, namely: helpful. They facilitate our work routine and allow us to concentrate on the important parts of our job. How this works in practice and in awork exactly, is what we will be discussing here today.

What makes awork so smart?

At present, awork, in the proper meaning of the word, doesn’t actually contain AI that autonomously learns solutions to a problem from a series of examples and subsequently finds new solutions on its own. Instead, awork uses a variety of services, algorithms, data sources, as well as voice control, to offer the user suggestions, next steps, reminders, and simplifications of all sorts.

On this basis, awork can, like a smart assistant, assume an increasing amount of smaller and larger day-to-day tasks. Initially, they mostly consist of suggestions and notifications (in the app and also via email), which may be useful to the respective user. The voice control feature is also part of awork’s range of functions.

“The advantage of assistants is that they are context-based, proactive, independent and that they can perform simple tasks for the user through voice or chat control.” – Lucas Bauche in an interview about awork

Automatically up-to-date thanks to smart notifications in awork

Thanks to awork, you are always kept in the loop when any important news emerges. For example, you receive an email if you haven’t tracked your times in a long while. Not only that, awork will also remind you of any upcoming deadlines.

Besides notifications per email, you are also kept up-to-date on relevant news through the app, e.g., if a new comment has been placed on one of your “to-do’s”. When you complete a task, awork will automatically suggest the task that is due next. Thanks to this smart indication, everyone is in the know about any urgent tasks – missing deadlines is now a thing of the past!

Welcome to the era of assistance

It is already possible to talk to awork using your smartphone or Google Home. awork can create tasks and conveniently start tracking your hours on demand.

“Using voice and chat control we are trying to further minimise time and effort spent using software. Complex enquiries could thus be reduced to writing a simple sentence. For the time being though, that’s still up in the air for us.” – Lucas Bauche in an interview about awork

In the future, you may look forward to new assistance features within awork. Soon even stronger proactive communication will be made possible. We also hope answering more complex enquiries will soon become part of awork’s repertoire.

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