Reporting on awork and Unlocking Free Projects!

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Not only is awork the work management tool of the future: it’s also free. For up to three projects, managing in awork is free (and always will be) And as of now, you can get even more out of your free awork account!

Share the love!

Any post you make – whether it is an Instagram-post, a blogpost, or a tweet – will be rewarded with an additional free project. Just send us a link to your post using your personal awork account. You can find the form in the upper navigation bar, under “free projects”.

Collaborate with awork?

If you are working on a cool project, which goes very well with awork, you can tell us about it. Perhaps your project is perfectly suited to a collaboration with awork? There are no limits to your creativity! If we believe your team could use some additional support, i.e., additional free projects, then we will gladly unlock them for you.

Recommend awork to a friend

You can just as easily be rewarded with free projects by recommending awork to people. Any friend, acquaintance, or colleague that creates an awork account as a result of your suggestion, grants you an additional free project.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some free projects!

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