Hey Visual Jump, how do you actually use awork?

Visual Jump Team
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In this interview series, we have asked specific awork users to give us an insight into their daily working lives. What are their experiences? How do they manage projects, what kind of workflow do they have and what are their favourite features? The first group to kick things off is Visual Jump’s creative team from Marbach.

Thank you for coming to this interview! We are delighted that you want to share your first experiences with us. Could you quickly introduce yourselves? What exactly is it that you do?

Hey, thank you for interviewing us. We are Visual Jump: a design lab from Marbach am Neckar, close to Stuttgart. We mainly deal with business communications. In essence, we help our clients position themselves and their brands on the market perfectly, and we also help them develop appropriate communication strategies and gather resources. With the help of our design trade, these strategies are then implemented across all media. Here, we do not make a distinction between online and offline, rather we make a distinction between meaningful or not. From small gastronomical companies to larger city events – we get involved in all of it.

For what reason did you decide on awork as your project management tool?

To us designers, an intuitive, but flexible user interface is important and necessary. The visual appearance also plays a major role, as working with the tool should be fun too. We recognised that you had these elements and so we simply decided to give the free version a try. After a few projects, it was pretty clear that awork was the tool for us. We would like to see a few features that would support our workflow even further here and there, but since you are working on awork so diligently, we are confident that there will be more to come.

Had you been using other project management software previously or how did you organise yourselves?

We had tried a few programmes, but we ended up returning to our standard Mac programmes each time.

What were your first impressions of awork?

Simple structure, cool look, intuitive user interface, and useful features and integrations. For awork, we didn’t need much time to become acquainted with the system, we could generally just learn by doing. Of course, your little bot regularly helped us along the way.

What are you using awork for at the moment, or rather what does your workflow look like?

Currently, we use awork for all of our project management needs and for
project and staff supervision. Thus, we often work using the integrated time tracker to get a better overview of our work processes and what projects of individual customers have been assigned.

Could you give us examples of projects that you manage in awork?

When processing brochures (published on a monthly basis) for a client, we like to use awork to give ourselves an overview. When exactly do we work on what brochure issue? When are the deadlines for client input, printing and collection? This is where dividing projects into single jobs for the same clients becomes very helpful for maintaining an overview for us and for billing later on. In addition, we are working on a client’s online store right now. Dividing the work into different task types and lists, as well as assigning tasks to various team members is very useful for this purpose.

What are your favourite features?

Currently, we like using the time tracker the most. Because of this, certain things have come to mind that may be helpful to flexible working models, such as ours (for example, a way to regulate and determine daily working hours, as they are currently fixed at 8 hours), or that would be nice to have (such as colourful distinctions in the time tracker’s presentation for a faster overview on the timeline). In any case, we are pleased with the truly practical task lists and we create project packages that we can use in the long term.

How does team collaboration work in awork?

For the most part, everyone uses awork independently and documents their work. The incorporated calendar reliably reminds us of any upcoming deadlines.

Have you noticed any improvements in regard to your workflow? E.g., have you become more productive?

We certainly have become more organised.

Thank you very much for your awork impressions! Stay productive!

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