From Q. to awork

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After 6 months of feedback and more than 3000 signups, we are taking the next logical step towards a practical project assistant: From Q. to awork. With a new domain (, a new logo, and many simplifications on the app, awork is now easier to understand and even more practical for daily use. For existing Q.-teams, nothing else changes – you will just receive the best and most comprehensive update since the dawn of Q. Furthermore, all links work and pricing remains unchanged.

From Saturday, 02/02/2019, at 10:00 CET until Sunday, 03/02/2019, at 23:00 CET, maintenance intervals may occur, in which Q. turns into awork and is temporarily unavailable.

The Letter Q

What could be a suitable name for a practical, innovative, artificially intelligent, yet friendly little helper? Which associations cross our minds? That’s right: Q.

Since pop culture is so dear to our hearts, what could possibly be better than a reference to the quirky inventor of gadgets and the almighty science fiction character?

The fact that the letter Q is very fruitful, is indeed something that many others, with varying backgrounds, have thought in the past months. Just to name a few:

How does one stand out from the crowd? One doesn’t. Could we have thought of that earlier? Probably. But sometimes you just need to experience such things to believe them.

We had very grown fond of Q. over the last few months, but we came to the realisation that, for the sake of long-term development, it is better to take a step back. Which is why we have started to focus on our principles first.

What we actually stand for

We are infatuated with project work. Projects bring drive, joint goals, and different skills to a team and thus with it, the possibility to create something extraordinary. On top of that: projects are everywhere. Modern teams work in “topics”, “transactions”, “sprints” – ultimately always in projects.

However, projects also require a certain amount of discipline. Careful planning, precise deadlines, progress reports, and so on. In fact, we know a lot of teams that share our passion for project results, but not so often do we encounter such enthusiasm towards organisational matters.

That is precisely our mission: to make project work easier. We take over the unpleasant part, the administration, the unnecessary costs, and the discipline.

By providing a great infrastructure for project work, we get the feeling that we were able to take part in the achievements of our users and their projects.

What exactly makes for “great infrastructure” in this day and age? There are of course a few self-evident criteria:

  • Very easy to understand, even without much IT knowledge
  • Good-looking design and clear user interface
  • Online, mobile, and collaborative
  • Suitable for all common types of work (from SCRUM to private to-do lists)
  • Integrated with all common daily office tools and instruments

So far, so good. But what does the future hold for software in project work? We live in an age of digital assistants. There are personal, environment-recognising and, to a certain extent, intelligent applications out there, which we can interact with in a human manner. While thus far your abilities are limited to fundamentally simple functions, such as turning on the lights, it is already clear that it will not stay that way forever.

What is still considered a gimmick in many places, is also expanding itself towards the future of business software.

We develop the leading project assistants based on artificial intelligence.

A new name: awork

So, we were looking for a new name, more closely related to the actual core of our mission: facilitating daily work. awork is what we came up with. It’s pronounced “a-work” and it stands for many things:

  • The Old English word “awork” which means “at work”, “busy”
  • “A-graded work”
  • “Always at work”
  • Artificial work (our new magazine:
  • A combination of assistant and work

In early February, we will be launching our new website – using a new logo and design, of course.

To us, the awork logo with the “bot” represents the friendly and helpful technology that supports users at work. Even though our bot doesn’t have a name yet (any suggestions?), he has really grown on us.

awork Logo

Besides the new name and logo, we will of course revise and update the remaining design. While Q. drifts towards the universe, satellites, astronauts and planets, we also want to make the design in awork more tangible and simpler to understand.

Anything else?

Naturally these thoughts and considerations about the essentials will not vanish from our application without a trace. We once again reflected upon what really matters and so at the beginning of February – at the same time as the new design – we will be delivering the biggest and best update since the dawn of Q. We report on all details regarding improvements and simplifications in awork here. We look forward to your feedback – and as always, we are at your disposal if you have any questions 😊

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