Breaking awork News: you can now look forward to these new features!

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awork is growing and thriving. As a result, you can regularly look forward to new features, functions and improvements. Through our blog, we intend to keep you in the loop about any awork news. If you don’t want to miss any of our updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Today, we would like to present to you our latest updates and we would also like to give you a little insight into features coming in the future. What updates will follow after the social login, real-time updates, etc.?

Keyboard Navigation

Do you love shortcuts, and do you tend to navigate your way through various programmes using hotkeys? Then this update may please you. Clicking the “S” or “F” key, opens the search bar in awork from now on. You can practically navigate through the search results using your keyboard directly.

Adding tasks to lists even faster

Up to now, you would need to open “editing mode” to add a task to a different list. As tasks tend to be moved from list to list quite often in everyday life, we have simplified this process.

Running times will be displayed in the tab

Is my time tracker still running? From now on, you will see whether or not your time tracker has started, as the little icon will appear in your tab (even if you are working in a different browser tab).

Project overview according to team member filters

Do you have so many to-do’s that you can no longer see the wood for the trees? At the touch of a button, this new feature provides clarity in your daily working life. By typing the name of the respective team member in the project overview, you will only see projects that this person has been assigned to.

awork Roadmap: what’s next?

Our roadmap shows you the current schedule we have for our biggest projects. Today, we want to discuss two updates in more detail…

awork Apps for iOS and Android

“Are there any plans for an awork app?” is one of the most frequent questions we get. The good news: there aren’t just plans for an app, it is already in the works! You are on your way to achieving great things and naturally we want to help you get there! awork’s most important features (projects, tasks and times) will soon be available for smartphones natively!

The awork app may look something like this…

Plan your projects visually

Project managers will especially like this feature: Gantt-like planning in awork. Even though our world has become so very clever, deadlines are still an important part of project work. This is why the visual project planning method is a planned feature for awork.

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