3 Reasons why Automatic Project Management Simplifies your Life

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Automations are probably nothing new to you. For example, there are coffee machines out there that make a fresh cup of joe every morning at seven. Bank transfers can also made completely autonomously on a certain date, so that you don’t forget to pay your bill. These automatic processes are now so naturally integrated into everyday life that you don’t even notice they exist.

All automation systems that are part of your everyday life have one thing in common: they make your life easier. Every automation is one less thing you have to take care of or think about yourself.

In the same way, there are things within one’s professional life that are constantly repeated and that could be taken over by a machine, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Especially in project management, there are many monotonous to-do’s that recur time and again and keep you from doing actual meaningful work.

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1. More time for the fun parts of the job

Automated project management starts at the point where your time and energy could be better spent. It is mainly about automating administrative tasks that are often repetitive and not very fun.

Imagine, for example, that you are a project manager responsible for several client projects. In order to make your work worthwhile, you plan approximate amounts of time for the various tasks. Of course, you do not want these planned hours to be exceeded uncontrollably. In principle, you would now have to constantly check how many hours have already been worked on a to-do. How annoying, right? Within this time, you could have taken care of so many other things.

Thanks to automatic project management, you have more time for the fun parts of the job.

This example is a perfect use case for automation. A smart project management tool like awork can automatically inform you every time the planned effort on a task is exceeded. In other words, you will get a notification directly in the tool or even an email if too many hours have been recorded on a task. The project management software can also automatically change the status of the task. When a task is in the Time Overrun status, you can immediately see that something is not going according to plan.

For example, if the status of a task changes to Feedback, the task should be assigned to your colleague Julia. Additionally, you want Julia to receive a Slack message. This is how the automation would look in awork:

This is how you can automate the sample workflow in awork, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So, unless the tool warns you, you’re okay. This makes manual checking of project statuses a thing of the past. In short: more time for the part of the work you enjoy most.

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Strengthened planning security: the awork autopilot kicks into gear whenever budgets, deadlines, or resources get out of hand

Automated project management gives you more than just time for work that is really important to you. The fact that you are automatically notified when something doesn’t go as planned also gives you much more planning security. After all, you’re no longer dependent on yourself, but have smart software that reacts reliably and warns you proactively.

The autopilot in awork operates with this principle in mind. Yes exactly, an autopilot, just like in an airplane. When you activate the autopilot in awork, you can put your feet up and take care of other things, so to speak. When things get critical, the autopilot will sound the alarm and you can react.

Good to know: this is how awork’s autopilot works
>Find out more here!

How does it work exactly? Basically, you hand over the classic project management tasks to your project management software: tracking project progress, deadlines, and budgets. The software takes responsibility for this part of your work and warns you immediately and automatically about tight deadlines, exhausted budgets, and outdated schedules. Your planning could not be any more secure!

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3. Efficient and precise automatic workflows

It all sounds pretty good so far. However, automated project management has another big advantage, because by automating processes, you can make your workflow much more efficient overall.

A prime example of this is the feedback & approval process that occurs within almost every company. Often there are unnecessary delays and bottlenecks because the feedback loop was not properly considered during the planning process.

This is exactly where automatic project management comes in handy again. Imagine this time, you work in marketing and have to approve everything that is put out by you guys. With smart project management software like awork, you can completely automate this review process. For example, you can specify that each task is assigned to you as soon as the status changes to Feedback and you also receive a message that you have to release the task.

You do not need any programming knowledge to create an automation in the project management tool awork. The automations are structured as complete sentences (see screenshot).

In awork, this feature has such a simple structure that really anyone can easily create automatic sequences and simplify even complicated processes in no time.

Your advantage: automatic project management ensures that your workflow becomes more efficient overall.

In conclusion: think smart before the project starts

Too much time is wasted on administrative and recurring tasks in everyday project work. In the end, too little time is left for the part of your work that is really valuable and that you enjoy most. So why not use a project management tool that does the monotonous part of the work for you? Automated project management not only creates time for meaningful work, but also ensures greater planning reliability and more efficiency in your team processes.

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