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In a galaxy far far away… Where no one has gone before…


Hey there, we’re HQLabs 👋 We’re a team of 30 based out of beautiful Hamburg in northern Germany. We strongly believe that organising the way we all work (what we call ‘Work Management’) desperately needs an update. We live in times of Alexa, Siri and Cortana, yet what we call ‘Business Software’ (CRM, project management, time tracking, billing etc.) is – with few notable exceptions – still basic manual data in- and output. Where is all that smartness and AI everybody keeps going on about?

What makes this even worse is the  trend towards highly specialised single purpose apps. While you’ll find a multitude of nice CRMs and dozens of beautiful to-do apps out there, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything resembling a seamless process for your business. Let’s say your team has finally agreed on a to-do app. How do you integrate time tracking? Do you manually copy everything to another app? And once you’ve solved that: How do you bill your work without – again – copying everything?

Some of you will just smile at this because you have some programming experience and feel comfortable handling multiple APIs or other integration tools to connect all the data – but, let’s face  it – most people don’t and consequently end up with a fragmented app zoo that eats up valuable time and prevents them from ever seeing the ‘full picture’ of what’s going on in their business.

We’ve spent 6 years solving a similar problem for the very particular case of advertising agencies. While doing so, we’ve gained invaluable insights into the way more than 400 teams of all sizes manage their work. We’ve seen hundreds of sales processes, helped improve expense and task management and built tools that simplify invoicing and financial reporting.

The one customer feedback we’ve never heard (and we’ve heard plenty) is “why don’t you break down our business process into a bunch of distinct apps? I’d love to switch between them several times each day and manually merge data for my reports.” Yet the software industry still behaves as if this were an actual customer quote.

So let’s do things differently

We set out years ago with the goal to make people’s life at work simpler by saving them time and money in everyday processes. Now we’ll double down on that promise, take all our lessons learned and make work management smarter. Meet: Q.

Q.’s ultimate goal is to automate as much of your routine work as possible, thereby making you and your team more efficient and let you accomplish more amazing things. With Q. you’ll be able to concentrate on more of the things you love instead of the things that are necessary to organise.

Q. leverages state-of-the-art data mining and machine learning to learn your processes and make them smarter. It will eventually do so across all important steps of your process such as customer management, task management, time tracking and invoicing. No more breaks between different apps to manage your workflows – even across company borders.

We think that kind of smartness should be available to teams both large and small. That’s why there’s a Q. for every budget. And we really mean it: You can use Q. for free with as many teammates as you like. If you require more features and support options, upgrade to one of our paid plans.

From here on out…

We’re committed to make Q. the latest (and maybe smartest 😉 addition to your team. While Q. launched with projects, tasks and time tracking, we’ll add additional modules and features continuously to complete your business process. We’ll make Q. even smarter by including the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So if you’re looking for the smartest and most integrated way to manage your work: give Q. a try and let us know what you think!

Of course, if you run a mid-sized or large advertising agency, check out hellohq.io. It will remain our premium solution for everyone who needs even more customisability and advanced tailored features!

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